Full-Service Management of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

AED123 manages ALL aspects of your AED program


We deploy AEDs that we own, shielding our customers from liability concerns. We install cabinets, signage, and CPR kits in accordance with best practices. We provide training videos that can be distributed by email, and our instructors are also available to come onsite to provide certified CPR training.


We visit your location every month to ensure all AEDs are properly serviced and ready for an emergency.  We refresh device batteries, pads, and the devices themselves per each manufacturer’s guidelines, and we execute required software updates.  We are on call 24/7 to address any concerns.


We retain a medical director to provide physician oversight, and we register each device with the EMS.  We maintain required documentation and manage post-use reporting.  We ensure program compliance with state and federal laws and provide both product and general liability insurance coverage.

Why businesses need AED-as-a-Service

AED programs can be difficult and expensive

AED123 makes AEDs easy and affordable

Proper administration of an AED program includes:

  • Device selection & installation

  • Physician oversight

  • Device registration with EMS

  • Documentation

  • Training

  • Device maintenance

  • Device checks

  • Device replacement

  • Monitoring for recalls and changes to guidelines or laws

  • Software updates

  • Incident management & reporting

  • Liability management

AED123 Services (included in all service plans)

  • Install an AED that we own at your location, taking on the liability associated with device ownership

  • Engage medical director for physician oversight

  • Notify the EMS of AED placement and manage required ongoing communication with the EMS

  • Manage regulatory compliance including retention of prescription, purchase, use and maintenance records

  • Train your team to operate the AED through in-person demonstration and online video (we provide onsite CPR training for an additional fee)

  • Update device batteries, pads, and the devices themselves per the manufacturer's guidelines

  • Visit your location every month to check on each AED

  • Replace the AED if we find any issues

  • Monitor for product recalls, changes to the AHA CPR/AED guidelines, and changes to state laws

  • Execute all required software updates

  • Manage required reporting and continuous improvement processes if AED is used

  • Maintain insurance policies to cover our liability for owning the device and to name our customers as additional insureds

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