Governor Abbott signs HB76

Among other benefits, "Cody's Law" will raise awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Governor Abbott has signed "Cody's Law", providing student athletes with the option of having an ECG heart screening as part of their athletic physical exam.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims the lives of 400,000 Americans each year, including men and women, athletes and non-athletes, adults and children. It is the #1 cause of death for student athletes and the #1 cause of death on school campuses.

While heart screenings are not 100% reliable (they miss many abnormalities and can generate false positives), heart screenings do catch some real issues and save lives.

We are thrilled that the Texas Legislature recognized the seriousness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and took an initial step to fight back. In addition to preventing many cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Cody's Law will broadly raise awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, across Texas households. That's a big win that can't be overstated.

As more Texans understand and talk about Sudden Cardiac Arrest, more will understand the importance of AEDs and CPR, and more will take steps to prepare to save lives. The knock-on effects here are going to be big and positive, and the lives ultimately saved by Cody's Law will transcend those saved through heart screenings alone.


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