Young survivors show that Sudden Cardiac Arrest does not discriminate

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

SEATTLE, WA - December 12, 2019 - Hundreds of sudden cardiac arrest survivors converged on Seattle this week for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival conference.

AED123 attended the event and was deeply inspired by the mass of people – all of who owe their life to an AED. The idea that every soul in the room would have already left this earth if it weren’t for AEDs was stunning.

We were most inspired by two survivors who were young women. One (pictured here) was saved by an AED while pregnant. That AED saved two lives at once, and her son is adorable!

The other (at right in the picture below) now teaches a course in CPR and AED usage. If an individual doesn't comprehend the indiscriminate reality of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and the importance of AEDs/CPR, they should take a course from this young lady!


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